Professor Hoseob Yoon's green design shirt paintings hang to try in Seoul, South Korea (photo: P.M. Lydon)

The Green Side of Art and Design

Hoseob Yoon (윤호섭) was one of South Korea’s most productive creative minds, working to create brand images for the likes of Citibank and Pepsi. In the 1990’s, he made a radical about-face in his work and life, founding one of the world’s first “green design” programs…

A Sociecity Film Production by Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang

Since the 1980’s, Hoseob Yoon (윤호섭) has been one of South Korea’s most productive creative minds, having worked with Citibank, Pepsi and others to design their Korean brand images, and serving on the design committee for the 1988 Olympics Games.

In 1991, he had an experience which prompted him to make an about-face in his design and life philosophy, shortly after which he began building the “Green Design” course of study at Kookmin University.

Today Yoon spends his weeks working with students, and his Sundays at the Insadong neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, where he spreads a message of ecological responsibility through a unique — and down-to-earth as it is — brand of street art.

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