Feature Stories: The Possible City

Through striking imagery and engaging stories, “The Possible City” series explores what happens when our creative talents, unique cultures, and biodiverse environments are allowed to thrive, together. Independently produced by City as Nature, these are stories for building neighborhoods and cities that cultivate social and ecological wellness at their roots.

Join us, as we look, peer, and venture into the places where the world is changing for the better, into the backyards, alleys, and plazas where global environmental issues are being solved, into the urban farms, micro-breweries, and kitchens where social wellness is being served; into all the places that inspire us to build our own unique, locally-focused, yet regionally and globally connected cities.

This is where the possible city happens. One story at a time.

A City, Designed by Trees

A City, Designed by Trees

Seeing trees as sacred is not an anomaly, it’s the fact that our culture has somehow lost this fellowship that’s an anomaly. If trees are a keystone of our wellness, why not learn to listen to their voice? If we did, how might the things we hear transform the landscape of our city over time? What would a city look like if it were designed by trees?