Patrick M. Lydon
Director & Eco Artist / San Jose, United States

Suhee Kang
Editorial Director & Herbalist / Seoul, South Korea

Key Collaborators

Chris Fremantle
Arts Producer and Researcher / Ayrshire, Scotland

Ikumasa Hayashi
Curator / Nagoya, Japan

Harumi Ikegame
Clothing and Textile Artist / Kobe, Japan

Yasutaka Kaneda
Community Designer, / Osaka, Japan

Professor Robin Lasser
Artist & Professor of Art, San Jose State University / San Jose, United States

Dr. David Maddox
Executive Director, The Nature of Cities / New York, United States

Patrice Milillo
Executive Director, Art is Power / Los Angeles, United States

Elizabeth Ogilvie
Artist and Producer / Fife, Scotland

Heeyoung Park
Animator / Strasbourg, France

Ninian Stuart
Director of Strategy, Centre for Stewardship / Falkland, Scotland

Professor Isao Suizu
Professor, Aichi University of the Arts / Nagoya, Japan

Kaori Tsuji
Chef and Event Producer / Kobe, Japan

Carla Vitantonio
Arts Producer and NGO Director / Bologna, Italy

Tomo Yamamoto
Residency Director, Air Osaka Hostel / Osaka, Japan

Raymond Yeung
Artist / New York City, United States

Partner Organizations and Sponsors

A list of current and past organizations we have engaged with to help produce our projects

Aichi University of the Arts / Japan
AIR Osaka / Osaka, Japan
Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka / Japan / Osaka, Japan
Contemporary Art Space Osaka / Japan
Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh / Scotland
Lateral Lab / Scotland
Minna Nouen / Osaka, Japan
N3 Art Lab / Yamaguchi, Japan
Robert Callender International Residency for Young Artists / Scotland
Sasakawa Foundation / Great Britain
Seoul Youth Hub / South Korea
Setouchi International Triennale / Japan
Small House / Dajeon, South Korea
Space Noah / Seoul, South Korea
The Nature of Cities / New York, United States
Value Garden / Seoul, South Korea
Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Art / Japan
Value Garden / Seoul, South Korea
Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Art / Japan

Artists in Residence

These creative young people have worked with us as artists in residence on focused projects, while developing their understanding of global social and ecological issues, and how these issues integrate with their own creative practice.

2016 — Pattarapol Leemeechoke (Thailand)
Study Area: Industrial Design, Illustration
Project: REALtimeFOOD, local economy product design

2015 — Katya Kozary and Amelia Robertson (United Kingdom)
Study Area: Film, Health Sciences
Project: REALtimeFOOD, video documentary

2013/14 — Heeyoung Park (Korea)
Study Area: Animation, Illustration
Project: Final Straw Documentary, “Little Light” animation

2011/12 — Eri Mizushima (United States)
Study Area: Graphic Design, Biological Sciences
Project: SocieCity website development, illustration and design

2012 — Chiaki Koyama (United States)
Study Area: Graphic Design, Illustration
Project: SocieCity, Bicycle boulevard concept design