The Mind, Farm, and Life of Masanobu Fukuoka – Larry Korn Interview Series

A three part interview film series by City as Nature, exploring the philosophy of natural farming, and how to apply it to life.

Seen as the father of modern day natural farming, Masanobu Fukuoka  (1913-2008) was the author of The One Straw Revolution, a fundamental volume in the environmental movement, and a guide for understanding how human beings can live together with this earth.

Produced independently by City as Nature, this three part film series features previously unreleased interviews which we conducted with Larry Korn (1947-2019). After a decade of studying soil, plants, and Eastern culture, Larry spent two years living and studying with Fukuoka in the 1970s, and was instrumental in bringing his ideas to the world.

Part I – The Natural Mind

Part II The Natural Farm

Part III The Natural Life

About The Interviews

When Larry Korn left Japan, he carried the Japanese manuscript of Fukuoka’s book with him to California, with the determination to get the book published in English. His work in helping to translate and edit this book would bring the ideas of Fukuoka and Natural Farming to millions of people worldwide. Today, the book has become a cornerstone of the alternative food movement.

These interviews were filmed at Larry Korn’s home in Ashland, Oregon in 2012, during production of the documentary film Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness. They tell the story of Fukuoka from the perspective of a man who spent much of his life dedicated to bringing ideas of East and West together by finding truth within soil, plants and in turn, within humans.

It is impossible to understate how fundamental Larry’s work was to the establishment and growth of the worldwide sustainable farming movement. More than just a scholar of the soil, he was a man filled with wisdom, who exercised deep care, humility, and love for this earth. His work set the scene for a journey that changed the course of our lives in a beautiful way. We hope the moments with Larry in these simple films, might help do the same for others.

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This film was independently produced by City as Nature art and media studio with previously unreleased archival footage from our feature length documentary, Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness.

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