Learning Natural Food: Story of a Young Taiwanese Farmer

City as Nature visits the countryside of Kaohsiung to talk with a young farmer about his choice to leave the city and start a natural chicken farm with his family in Taiwan.

Eric Hwang spent his youth in the middle of bustling Taipei city, studying to be a chef. Disillusioned with the low quality of ingredients used by most restaurants, he eventually left the restaurant industry, returning to his countryside hometown to grow chickens in the natural way with his wife and parents.

“We don’t need more big successful companies … we need somebody to make healthy, good, and natural food. I know a lot of people trying to do this, and I want to do this too.”

Eric Hwang, Natural Farmer

Eric’s family farm is experimenting with new ways of using traditional knowledge for being environmentally and socially sustainable. His father (a former pharmacologist) grows traditional Chinese herbal medicines, feeding their chickens herb tea water instead of using antibiotics. Meanwhile, Eric’s wife supports a farm staff that are mainly single mothers, trained on site to learn all parts of running a small farm.

Join us, as City as Nature visits Kaohsiung to talk with Eric about his career choice, and what it’s like to be a young farmer in Taiwan:

Directed by
Patrick M. Lydon

Edited by
Suhee Kang

“Shimmer” and “Life in a Moment” by Scott Holmes / CC BY-NC
“Nature Kid” by Podington Bear / CC BY-NC
“Kalimba 07” by Bomnunbyeol

More About Eric’s Work
Shanlindaye Farm (杉林大野山雞) – Website / Facebook

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