Kitakagaya Pocket Farm

bringing us back
to the original nature

Step into a small semi-wild garden in the Kitakagaya neighborhood of Osaka, Japan. You are in a meadow, in transition to a forest. Take a deep breath, watch the butterflies, bees, and birds at work, and re-connect to a tiny corner of this living earth.

This Season’s Featured Plant
Rose Geranium

Both varieties of our Rose Geranium are in full bloom this month. Come see the happy bees, butterflies, and enjoy the deep scent. The leaves of this plant are fragrant and useful for keeping away mosquitoes, and for healing itchy bug bites. They can also be dried and used as a herbal tea.

Filled with healing herbs

All of the wild herbs are free for locals and visitors. Please pick small amounts while peacefully enjoying the fragrant landscape.

Please be respectful and take only what you can use!

Biodiversity, made by nature

Kitakagaya Pocket Farm is under the direction of nature. The landscape is designed to transform naturally into a bio-diverse urban food forest with an understory of wild plants and herbs that will change naturally over the years.

What does that mean?

* Humans, birds, bees, microorganisms, and all beings are important

* We don’t need weed killer because weeds are our friends

* Humans get out of the way a bit and let nature decide how the garden evolves

47 square meters
11 kinds of edible herbs
30 species of wild plants

This ‘pocket park’ style garden was designed by City as Nature in the spirit of Masanobu Fukuoka and Patrick Geddes, as a space for building beneficial relationships between people and nature.

Say hello to the resident plants!

Our current residents are listed below. How many can you spot on your visit?

Edible Plants and Herbs

Rose Geranium, Apple Mint, and Mugwort flourish together.

Lavender ラベンダー
Rose-Scented Geranium ローズゼラニウム
Evening Primrose 月見草
Slender Yellow Woodsorrel オッタチカタバミ
Purple Woodsorrel ムラサキカタバミ
Aloe アロエ
Apple Mint アップルミント
Spearmint ミント
Mugwort ヨモギ
Chameleon Plant ドクダミ 
Giant Fennel オオウイキョウ
Japanese Knotweed イタドリ


Our young Chinese Tallow.

Japanese Cherry 桜
Wild Cherry セイヨウザクラ
Asian Pear ヤマナシ 
Apricot アンズ
Lemon レモン
Palm ヤシ
Flowering Dogwood ハナミズキ
Chinese Tallow ナンキンハゼ
Chinese Hackberry エノキ
Heavenly Bamboo ナンテン

Flowering Plants

Our Grey-Leaved Euryops blooming in early late spring.

Corn Speedwell タチイヌノフグリ
Long-Headed Poppy ナガミヒナゲシ
Carolina Crane’s Bill アメリカフウロ
Common Lantana ランタナ
Red Rose バラ
Jade Plant カネノナルキ
Purple Heart ムラサキゴテン
Speckboom ポーチュラカリア・アフラ 
Grey-Leaved Euryops ユリオプスデイジー
Cottonweed 母子草 
Scarlet Kammetjie (Freesia laxa) ヒメオウギ 
Oriental False Hawksbeard オニタビラコ
Rescue Brome (bromus catharticus) イヌムギ 
Henbit Deadnettle ホトケノザ

What plants did you spot? Share it with us!

Delighting people
around the world

Organizations, individuals, and press around the world have taken interest in Kitakagaya Pocket Farm as an important example of private/public partnerships for social and ecological wellness.

How was pocket farm made?

Read the story of how Pocket Farm was built from an abandoned lot, with the help of a local landowner, neighbors, and creative foundation.

Visit Kitakagaya Pocket Farm

A short walk from Kitakagaya Station (Yotsubashi Subway Line) in Osaka, Japan will bring you to the Pocket Farm.

How to enjoy Pocket Farm?

When you enter the farm, take a deep breath. Let go of the worry in your mind by focusing on something interesting or beautiful. Remind yourself that you and every living thing here are part of this nature. Have a seat and enjoy peacefully.

A community partnership

This kind of thing needs cooperation! The Kitakagaya Pocket Farm is a partnership between multiple organizations and community members who believe in building better relationships between our cities and nature.