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Stories that ignite our collective creative spirit
inspiring human and ecological wellness
in the places we live.


A series of engaging stories and imagery exploring people and places in Japan, Korea, and America, and the inherent wonder and possibility in the world.


Award-winning documentary and art films by City as Nature that reach across political and cultural boundaries. These works highlight socially and ecologically just actions around the world, transporting us into the places and mindsets where a new world is possible.


Explore books, chapters, and essays published in print through City as Nature, and various international and domestic publishing houses.


Quick looks look at our recent projects, and short takes on the everyday people and places that are promoting the power of the individual creative spirit inside each of us to re-connect our world.

A Year in Review

From environmental workshops and exhibitions to community gardens, green streets, and our first eco arts…


Environment in Review (EiR) was a free monthly review of inspirations and solutions for social and ecological well-being, ranging from international initiatives to local community projects. This column finished its run in 2018. Feel free to browse past issues below.

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