“Food, Earth, Happiness” Television Broadcast in UK

For the first time ever, our short film exploring the natural farming mindset will be broadcast on live television! You can catch the premiere in March and April in the UK as part of the Inheritance Festival.

The Food, Earth, Happiness film will be shown as part of the Belfast-based Inheritance Festival. The primary broadcast will be with Northern Visions TV in Northern Ireland. A repeat broadcast will happen in several other cities in the UK as well (see below for more information).

We are excited about the film’s inclusion in this international art and film festival, both because of the amazing schedule of films that we are in company with, and the important and timely prompt by Inheritance Festival, asking us to consider:

How we are shaped by the city and by our local environment and what legacy we are leaving to future generations … our disconnection from nature and over –use of technology, climate change, the rise in the practice of mindfulness and how we use our city’s natural resources…

More than just a showing of films, the festival prompts visitors and viewers with action, asking “How might a creative life, actively ‘making’ something happen by participating in the arts or producing an experience, rather than passively ‘taking’ something in, help to reduce loneliness? Would these actions reduce the need to consume more and more ‘stuff’.”

Air Dates for Food, Earth, Happiness

27 & 28 March 2021
Northern Visions TV, Belfast

25 April 2021
Latest TV Brighton
Notts TV Nottingham
Sheffield Live Local TV!

We don’t have the time schedule, so I guess it means you’ll have to check your local listings.

See more at: https://inheritance.northernvisions.org/

More Ways to Watch

If you miss the broadcast, you can also watch the film online! Head over to our City as Nature YouTube channel to see this film, and many others.