Cabbage Eating a Hamburger

What does it mean for a cabbage to eat a hamburger? We proposed this question in the form of a physical gallery installation, planting a real live cabbage inside a real cheeseburger.

Images from the "What is Food / Cabbage Eating a Hamburger" installation and SocieCity article
Images from the “What is Food / Cabbage Eating a Hamburger” installation and SocieCity article

Project Overview

An installation which looks at food production in a tactile way. This living sculpture was built and installed in TENT Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The sculpture pairs the most energy-efficient foods (the cabbage) with one of the least energy efficient foods (a cheeseburger), creating ‘living’ work where the cabbage slowly feeds off of the energy of the decomposing burger.

An adjoining article was also penned at comparing the energy required to produce various common foods.

Project Team and Partners

This project was conceived by Patrick Lydon and developed and built in collaboration with industrial designer Vero Alanis.

The project was birthed in the Creative Ecologies Lab, in the Art Space & Nature programme at Edinburgh College of Art.