A “sensing” exercise that helps participants focus their sense and awareness of a place, and sparks their creativity and problem solving abilities.

Images from our feel.nature.city workshops in Japan and Korea (images by SocieCity)
Images from our feel.nature.city workshops in Japan and Korea (images by SocieCity)

Project Overview

An exercise in honing each of our senses, this workshop draws from meditation as much as from the biological sciences, bringing participants a more incisive awareness of the places they live and work.

Participants come away with a calm and clear mind, a heightened sense of place and ability for creative problem solving. While creatives such as artists, writers, dancers and musicians find this workshop particularly useful for inspiration, those in other disciplines find that they gain deeper abilities for creative problem solving as well.

After the sensing exercise, we tend to transition into various kinds of of other creative workshops, where the connectedness, compassion, and creative mindsets that blossom from the sensing exercise can be expressed in physical form.

We happen to think it’s an all-around useful skill for us human beings to learn how to sense and connect more deeply to the environments they are a part of each day.

Reviews and Feedback

Since 2015, the workshop has been conducted dozens of times in five countries. A few remarks from participants:

“I spent ten years of my life building this garden we are standing in, and I have never experienced it with such depth as I did during the workshop.”
— Workshop Participant / Gwangju, South Korea

“I want to do this every day before I start my painting.”
— Shinhe Hwang / Artist, Seoul, South Korea

Project Team and Partners

The workshop was developed by Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang during their artist residency at Small House Residency in Dajeon, South Korea.

Additional support came from Eunsun Heo, Gwijung Lee, and residency directors Eunduk Seo, and Booyoung Song.