Herb Tea Blending Workshop

Using herbs from our community garden, every participant made their own, unique herb tea blend to take home.

Suhee has been happily working these days, to cultivate, wash, harvest, and dry herbs from several neighborhood gardens here in Kitakagaya. After some months of preparation, last Saturday we debuted the “Herb Tea Blending” workshop at The Branch.

In the herb blending workshop, participants learned:

— Identifying local wild and cultivated herbs
— What herbs are and how they can be used in daily life
— How to make teas and essential oils for aromatherapy and other uses
— What herbs match your personality, and how they can help you

The Pocket Farm, a small community garden in Kitakagaya, cared for by The Branch, and featuring many kinds of herbs and wild plants.

The photo above is our tiny Pocket Farm. Just last year it was an empty lot with a big chain-link fence and nothing growing in it. We saw much potential in transforming the space, so we talked with the land owner and they agreed to let us use it for a community herb garden. Many of the herbs in the workshop are from this garden, as well as several others around the garden-loving Kitakagya neighborhood.

In the workshop, every participant made their own, unique herb tea blend to take home. We even spent time to give names to our tea blends, and decorate our packages.

Kate named her blend “Sky Tea” and decorated it with a nice rocket ship.

The workshop continues by reservation. You can contact us to experience the many smells, tastes, and healthy uses of herbs, from teas to tinctures.

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