Plant and Place

Participants learn simple ways to preserve and use plants to make postcards, exploring the shapes, textures, and colors of local plants, and using them to tell the story of places in more delicate and intimate ways than a traditional postcard.

Images from our Plant and Place art workshop in Osaka, Japan (Images by SocieCity)
Images from our Plant and Place art workshop in Osaka, Japan (Images by SocieCity)

Project Overview

Workshop participants enter into new understandings about flora and color by asking the flowers to help us tell a colorful and intimate story of place. This is a relatively simple task. Once you’ve been through the process, you can take it with you anywhere you go, sharing the simple beauty of nature from the places you visit.

As with other workshops, we learn about plants, their colors, and the complex neighborhoods of living relationships which they are a part of. We also learn how to tell the story our relationships with a place in a different and more intimate way than buying a photo postcard.

Project Team and Partners

Developed by Suhee Kang and Patrick Lydon, and sponsored in part by a grant from Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka with additional support from Co.To.Hanna / Minna Nouen, Lateral Lab, Professor Isao Suizu at Aichi University of the Arts, and Air Osaka Hostel

Project coordinators include Ikumasa Hayashi, Yasutaka Kaneda, Emi Ogata, and Kaori Tsuji in Japan, and Blooming School and Value Garden in Korea


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