A Life Without Anxiety or Competition (불안과 경쟁 없는 이곳에서)

Photographs, inspiring interviews, and lessons in sustainability. This book is a treasure of beautiful messages from farmers to urban-dwellers, about how we can re-kindle our relationship with the environment.

[Published in Korean language] this book is an account of Patrick and Suhee’s six years of travel through Japan, Korea, UK, and the USA during the making of the Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness film. Readers are taken to visit regenerative ‘natural’ farmers and urban practitioners who are working to build social and ecological wellness.

Complete with rich, full-color photographs and inspiring interviews, the book recount lessons in sustainability, messages from farmers to urban-dwellers about how we can re-kindle our relationship with the environment.

Published by Yeolmaehana Publishers, the book is available at retailers throughout Korea, is printed in full color, featuring the duo’s vivid photographic imagery along with interviews and personal reflections on their journey.

Selected Reviews

Korea Herald
Editor’s Pick: Is it a place that really exists in a place where there is no anxiety and competition?

Daejeon Ilbo
In this place without anxiety and competition … a way of life that allows us to look back and see the things we’ve lost in this modern life.

The Farmer’s News
A book that holds the heart of the countryside. The story of the farmers who leave production and harvest to nature

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불안과 경쟁 없는 이곳에서 (Here, Without Anxiety or Competition)
by Suhee Kang and Patrick M. Lydon
2017 / publisher: Yeolmaehana Books, Seoul
320 pages / full color
ISBN: 9791196171117

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