The Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Knowledge (FRIEK)

Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Knowledge (FRIEK)

Taking place within a global academic conference on urban nature, FRIEK plays the role of disrupter. However, the ethos of our disruption is not to attack, blame, or separate, but instead to open new channels of awareness, collaboration, and connection.

The Forum for Radical Imagination on Environmental Knowledge (FRIEK) was a transdisciplinary platform for arts-based exhibits, actions, and methodologies, co-curated by City as Nature, along with curators from Paris.

FRIEK consisted of an international corps of artists, dancers, poets, and other arts-based practitioners, who produced exhibits, reflections, workshops, and happenings that challengeed the framework of established knowledge in an academic conference.

FRIEK installation concept (illustration: City as Nature)

Taking place within The Nature of Cities Summit at The Sorbonne University, there is a sense that FRIEK plays the role disrupting, while also seeking to open new channels of awareness, collaboration, and connection between disciplines, and between ourselves and our environment.

Attentive to the urban landscape, and partnering with human and non-human companions, FRIEK works across and through disciplines, helping us imagine new ways to weave our own work and ideas into a broader transdisciplinary fabric.

Our Role

The role of City as Nature as co-curator, includes programming, creative direction, production of a daily printed arts journal, interactive exhibition planning and production, and design-build of exhibition architecture.

Project Team

Producers / Curators: Carmen Bouyer (France), Patrick M. Lydon (United States), Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro (France)

Participating Artists: 3’z (France), Emilio Fantin (Italy), Nadia Vadori Gauthier (France), Soraya Hamlaoui (France), Matthew Jensen (United States), Frida Larios (El Salvador), Robin Lasser (United States), Mary Miss (United States), Marguerite Perret (United States), Kevin Reese (United States), Bruce Scherting (United States)

With Support From: The Nature of Cities (United States), Musagetes Foundation (Canada)


Dates: June 4-7, 2019
Location: Sorbonne University (Jussieu Campus), Paris, France


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